Last chance for RIP: Touch

RIP-V1-final.jpgRIP: Choices After Death is now available in paperback and ebook. The book combines four novelettes and a short story into a full novel.

Where does that leave the original RIP pilot ebook, “Touch”? It leaves it as a redundancy.

I’m not planning on releasing the other novelettes as separate ebooks. The format with Choices After Death going forward will be four novelettes and a short story that have a collective beginning, middle, and end. With each book, readers will get more to read, a nice ending, and some unresolved matters that set up the following installment.RIP Touch

To avoid confusion, I’ll unpublish RIP: Touch this Friday. The standalone ebook is only available at Amazon right now, and starting this weekend, the story will only be available as the first fourth of Choices After Death.

So, last chance to sample the beginning of Choices After Death for a single dollar!

By the way, a Goodreads user just said this of RIP: Touch: “I loved this short story! I thought the storyline was good, and the pace fit it perfectly.”

And she gave it five stars. Just thought I’d point that out. 🙂