A parade of RIP quotes

RIP-V1-finalI tried something new (to me) on Saturday. Throughout the day, I posted a series of dialogue quotes from the just-released RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death on my Facebook page.

In case you missed it, I’ve collected them all here. They’re that collectable.

“He can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste ghosts.”
“Except I don’t taste.”
“But he can.”
“I don’t taste.”
–Serissa and Rip

“I was floating around in a funk, waiting for Hell to shoot me up a welcome home flare, and then–wham!  Instant epiphany. Oh, wait, they’re all instant, aren’t they?” — Serissa

“You’re dead. Make no mistake. But now we get to discover precisely what sort of man you are.” –Zeno

“Sure, you catch us by surprise, pick us off one by one — you’ll get some lucky shots in that way. But you’re still just a guy. Still just as vulnerable — and mortal — as any guy. And you can’t lock us out. You can never lock us out.” — a ghost, to Rip

“You must be Serissa.”
“I must. Got no choice, really.”
–Zeno and Serissa

“I once knew a guy last name of Danger. Danger could’ve been my married name. Mrs. Danger. Okay, it was Dangerfield.” — Serissa

“Can you please stop playing Spider-Woman with my ceiling?”
“Maybe I’ll return your precious ceiling if maybe you give me some answers.”
–Rip and Serissa

“You think you’re some angel? Everything you do, you do for one person — yourself. It’s all about you. You help Rip because you enjoy being able to touch someone again. You help people to hide from your guilt. You help them all because you… think it’s your key to ‘Heaven’ — assuming that’s where you’d even end up. You’re a glutton for anything that’ll make you feel good about your waste of an existence.” — a ghost, to Serissa

“When you’re a ghost, everyone’s like a ghost to you, like they’re only half there. Everyone you love passes right through you.” — Serissa

“You can tell those girls there was this monstrous cookie, or–Oh! Oh! Even better! You got into a big bakery brawl with Cookie–”
–Serissa and Rip

“Zombies. Do I have to worry about zombies, too?”
“I never met any.”
“Not really the firm answer I was hoping for.”
“I’ve only been dead a couple of years. What am I supposed to be, the Encyclopedia Brown of death? … Was that the correct usage of Encyclopedia Brown?”
–Rip and Serissa

RIP is now available at Amazon and Smashwords.