Future books & a current promo

I have a plan. And a promo! But first the plan…

The next RIP should be ready for publication near the end of the summer, but it won’t just be the second novelette. In a way, the next RIP will also be the first RIP — and more.

The currently available “Touch” will join three new novelettes in a single volume for a more indulgent RIP experience. The new titles will be “Alone,” “The Crazy Line,” and “Point B.”

“Alone” has received several favorable comments from beta readers, including one who told me not to change a thing (although I probably will). I’ve written a complete draft of “The Crazy Line,” so now it’s time to set that aside while I write “Point B,” which is already mostly plotted.

My goal is to get the initial writing done this month, put them through the beta reading and editing throughout July (Todd Barselow, you’ll be hearing from me), and then final clean-up in late August. While I wait for feedback, I’ll resume work on the next Earths in Space volume, which is well underway also.

This is all tentative, but I’m optimistic.

So where does that leave the current RIP: Touch?

Basically, I just want you to read it and get hooked, like these reviewers have. Here’s the promo:

For the entire month of June, if you purchase Earths in Space, I will give you RIP: Touch for free as an ePub, Mobi, or PDF (your choice). I’ll also throw in the original version of RIP, a television pilot script PDF. All that for $1.99! To claim them, please send an email to daniel@sherrierbooks.com with the purchase code, and I’ll send the files ASAP.

If science-fiction isn’t your thing, you can download RIP: Touch for 99 cents, and I’ll give you the pilot script as my equivalent of a DVD bonus feature (again, please email me with the purchase code). Then you’ll know if you want to spend $2.99 to read the next three parts. Sales of the first novelette will help fund production of the upcoming volume. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I can even sort of sign the e-books.

Future RIP volumes will also contain four new novelettes for $2.99, and the next Earths in Space (which tends to run longer) will have three novellas for $2.99.

So there you have it…