Get to Know…C.M. Wright

This week’s Get to Know features zombie author C.M. Wright. Welcome, C.M.!

bookcoverfour2Tell us about your latest work.

I’m just about to release the fourth book in my Zombie Overload Series. This series is about a 36 year old mom and wife who has to become strong and brave – two things she believes she’s not – to protect her family from a world of zombies.

Why do you feel this concept can fill an entire series?

Zombies are popular right now, so that’s one thing. Another is that this series isn’t about a man or a young physically fit woman having to survive and protect; it’s about a woman in her mid-thirties who’s a bit overweight and not at all fit, so it’s different and that seems to attract some people. 

What’s the book’s opening line?

I’ll give you book one’s opening line, if that’s alright.

If we weren’t watching the local five o’clock news, we would never have known the “virus” that was reported just last night as “contained” and “no reason for alarm” was this serious, or so very deadly, until it was too late.

What do you most enjoy about writing?

Being able to share my imagination with the world. And if I get ticked off at someone, I can always put them through hell or even kill them off in a book.

Please share a writing tip you’ve found helpful.

Have a theme song that inspires you. Mine is Thriller…imagine that!

Another thing, spell check is NOT always right!

How did your interest in zombies begin? What is it about those deceased fellows with the strange gaits that draws you?

My very first exposure to zombies was when my mom took me to the movies when I was under the age of ten (not sure the exact age) to see Night Of The Living Dead. Scared me to death! But wow was it good. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why am I drawn to zombies? I think it’s because they’re more real to me. Yeah, yeah, I know they aren’t really real (or are they?) but for me, zombies aren’t as farfetched as other characters. They don’t have super powers. They can’t fly, shift into other creatures, point their finger and make something magical happen. They can’t talk, think, or deceive people. They are what they are and you know what to expect. They want to eat you. That’s it.

What distinguishes your zombie series from the others out there?

It’s about a woman in her mid-thirties – a mom, a wife. She’s not a natural bada**, a bodybuilder, or even in good physical shape. I also try to stay as real as possible with an unreal subject.

Should the zombie apocalypse strike tomorrow, what advice would give those of us who aren’t zombie experts?

If you haven’t at least thought about zombies by now, I promise to kill you for the second – and final – time. You’re welcome.

Protect your family, find safe zombie-proof shelter and stockpile weapons, ammo, food, and water. If you are in a house, get thick doors (steel) and really reinforce your windows. Putting bars on your windows is a good thing when it comes to zombies. Two-story or higher homes are best.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

Karina Halle’s Experiment In Terror series has been my ultimate favorite. Joshua Guess’s Living With The Dead series is awesome, and recently I read the first in Eric R. Asher’s Vesik Series, Days Gone Bad. All incredible books by incredible authors. And then of course, there’s Stephen King and Dean Koontz. As you might realize, I can not pick just one! And I tried!

Who is your favorite fictional character? (Any medium)

Daryl from The Walking Dead, of course!

 If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?

Invisibility! Do you have any idea how freaking awesome that would be?You know those signs that say No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service? Ha ha! Try and stop me. You could go anywhere, do anything, and no one would know. Want to walk around in public naked? Go for it! (Not that I would want to, just saying.)

What’s next for you?

I’m going to put the Zombie Overload Series on hold so that I can write a vampire book I promised my vamp-loving hubby. I also have another zombie series aimed toward teens/young adults that I want to start. Plus one more has been screaming at me to get written. That one I don’t want to talk about yet. I won’t forget about my Zombie Overload series though. It’ll be back.

Where can people learn more about your work?

Pretty much everywhere! My website www.zombieoverload.comFacebook Smashwords’s more, but this is enough to start with.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I’m deathly afraid of spiders! Give me a zombie any day, but keep those nasty spiders away from me!

Thank you, C.M.!